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Welcome to LeadExchange™! The LeadExchange™ web site is currently divided into two sections.
LeadExchange™: (For trading leads that you can’t use for leads that you can).
The TradingRoom Floor: (For buying and selling leads in our online real time auction environment).

LeadExchangeTrade Leads: What is LeadExchange™? Using our exclusive technology, we’ll automatically exchange leads you can’t use for leads you can! Would you like to see LeadExchange™ in action right now? Visit our sample Insurance or Mortgage sites to see how your business can benefit today by being LeadExchange™ enabled!
Below you’ll find links to the some of the most frequently asked questions that people have asked regarding the LeadExchange™ site. If you have any questions that the FAQ’s do not answer, please email us at

Get your questions answered by clicking on these links:

Lead Exchange FAQ

TradingRoom Floor FAQ

Account FAQ

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